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Attack on Titan is a peculiar beast, and I’m not just thinking about the disturbingly naked giants that prance around and try to bite your head off. Developer Omega Force’s third-person action game interpretation of the franchise goes through the plot of the anime and takes the first stab at adapting a bit of the manga that the anime has yet to cover. While it does a great job of capturing the brutal essence and fast action of the show, it has mixed results presenting the manga’s content and its own slog of an original ending in an interesting way.

If you’ve never experienced Attack on Titan, this isn’t the worst way to do it — that would be Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains — but of course it’s not as good as manga either. The roughly 15-hour campaign hits all the essential plot events as Eren and his crew join the military and seek revenge against the titans for destroying their families, homes, and lives, but you’ll miss a lot of the more nuanced details and political scenes. That’s not too bad for the campaign, though: the focus isn’t on Attack on Titan’s politics, but on decimating titans. I found a lot of the cutscenes to be a nice refresher for some events I forgot.

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